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Our mission is to help you build a better way to work

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Companies Use Airtable

We built TALOS on Airtable. 250,000+ innovative companies use Airtable every day, including Netflix, Hubspot, Intuit, and Zendesk. Join them.

Capacity Increase

TALOS automates repetitive processes. Organizations that have already implemented or scaled automation indicated a 12% workforce capacity increase due to their efforts.

Cost Reduction

Organizations already implementing or scaling automation report a cost reduction of 24%, up from 19% in 2019.

Increase In Revenue

Companies are increasingly optimistic about automation. In 2020, organizations expected their automation strategies to drive a 15% increase in revenue (in targeted areas), up from 11% in 2019.

Our Story

A great story starts with a great team

TALOS started with two friends sharing their love for building processes, systems, and relational databases on Airtable. They then set out on the audacious mission to transform the future of work, for the better.

Our whole thing is what will make work better and easier?

Then, we ideate, create, and innovate from that central point.

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Our Values

Strong values that bring great people together

This is how we roll.

Raise a Concern? Offer a Solution

We want you to be thrilled with your new operating system. If there's ever a mismatch in what we deliver from what you were expecting – share examples and let's talk about it.

Share Before You're Ready

We believe in building with you, not for you. We will always share our work in progress and aim to get your feedback early and often.

Relationships Matter

We love people. We strive to be more than an agency. We’re here to build long-lasting relationships with the clients we serve. As humans, we're better together.

Move Fast

We want you to be well on your way to a better work life as quickly as possible.

Our Team Members

The amazing team behind TALOS

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We're an ambitious, positive, creative, and kindhearted bunch.

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David Riggs

CEO & Co-Founder

Straight out of college, David Riggs scaled a web agency to multiple seven figures in well under two years.

Jordan Paris

COO & Co-Founder

Jordan Paris is a world-class integrator who has been building businesses since the age of 19.

Cristine Senarpida

Solutions Architect

Cristine Senarpida is a talented builder of business systems.

Zach Vieth

Systems Consultant

Zach Vieth built and exited a video editing agency in under two years.

Saurabh Marda

General Virtual Assistant

Saurabh joins the team as a General Virtual Assistant from India.

Crystal Mazarire

General Virtual Assistant

Crystal loves reading, cooking, and outdoor activities like hiking and running.

Open Positions

Come and join our fast growing team

We're always looking for ambitious, positive, creative, and kindhearted people.

Account Executive

United States

General Virtual Assistant


Solutions Architect


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